• Who we are

    Roz and Laura, Founders of My Travel Tribe.

    Roz Fraser

    Founder of My Travel Tribe, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Plant Based Chef.

    Although I studied International Commerce, I knew I didn't want to be stuck in an office job. I had spent a year living in France during my degree and discovered my passion for both cooking and travel. I went on to study traditional and plant based culinary techniques. It was learning about international cuisines that ultimately inspired my trip to Asia. I spent my final year of university dreaming and visualising my future of world travel and adventure.


    My first stop was the Chicago where I lived with group of 10 friends and got some experience in a restaurant kitchen. A lifelong interest in yoga then led me to India where I complete my 200hr yoga teacher training in Goa. That month in Goa focused on yoga, meditation and mindfulness changed my perspective on life, something I hope to recreate for my students.

    I went on to complete my TEFL certificate and travelled to Vietnam to teach English to young children. It was there that I first started teaching yoga by organising donation based classes for my fellow teachers. While I enjoyed my time working in Vietnam, I didn’t feel like I was making an impact in the way that I had hoped. Opportunities outside of teaching were limited in Vietnam. The lifestyle I had imagined for myself where I woke up every morning to jog on the beach, practice yoga and cook veggie food just wasn't an option. I knew that my dream life was attainable and so I started to look for something else...


    I began working online as a Virtual Assistant for a volunteering organisation. This first online job gave me the freedom to work and travel as I pleased. I was able to achieve the goal I'd set myself before I finished Uni - to live and work in Bali.


    While in Bali where I took part in a Start Up Weekend where I pitched the idea for My Travel Tribe. My idea resonated with the 100+ entrepreneurs, coaches and digital nomads that attended. It became clear that lack of community and support wasn't something I was alone in experiencing on my business journey.


    In the aftermath of Start Up Weekend, I partnered with my best friend and now business partner, Laura McMahon, to make My Travel Tribe a reality. It's our dream to help female entrepreneurs achieve their goals in life and business. We welcome you to join us on this journey.


    • Graduated with an honours degree in International Commerce from Ireland's most prestigious business school. 
    • Lifelong learner, addicted to personal and professional development. 
    • Part of the Female Entrepreneur Association's Member's Club. 
    • Former charity fundraiser for UNICEF and UCD Foundation. 
    • World traveller - lived in 6 different countries on 3 different continents, visited several more. 
    • Qualified as an ESL teacher and taught in the public school system in Vietnam. 
    • Former competitive swimmer and qualified beach lifeguard. 
    • Passionate about meditation, mindfulness and holistic health. 
    • Pescatarian for over 12 years, studied the impact and health benefits of vegetarian and vegan diets. 
    • Completed 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Himalaya Yoga Valley in Goa, India (2016). 
    Credentials: BComm International (French), Certificate in Practical Cookery - Cooks Academy Dublin, Plant Based Professional Certificate - Rouxbe Cooking School, 200hr YTT - Himalaya Yoga Valley, TEFL Qualified, National Vocational Beach Lifeguard Qualification (NVBLQ).

    Laura McMahon

    Founder of My Travel Tribe, Videographer, Women's Fitness Coach.

    I studied Business and German in university in Dublin, specialising in Digital Marketing. During my years at uni I had a part time job working for a telemarketing firm, cold calling clients and generating leads for IT companies. While this job helped me to improve my German and to gain experience in both Sales and Marketing, I didn't love it. Ultimately it helped me to realise that the 9-5 lifestyle was not for me, and for that I am grateful!


    As part of my degree I had the chance to spend a study-abroad year in Germany. During this year is where I got a taste for travelling. When it was over I wanted to to move abroad immediately, but alas I still had my final year of university to complete.

    In January 2017 I set off for Vietnam with Roz with little plan and little money but lots of hope and enthusiasm. I lived in a very remote and not-so-well-known city called Nam Dinh in Northern Vietnam, where I taught in public primary and secondary schools. This was a great first experience of living somewhere new and still being able to earn money. It made me believe that the work-and-travel lifestyle was actually possible.


    Fast forward 6 months and I'm in Bali, teaching English online and sipping coconuts by the pool on my lunch break. I honestly never believed this kind of lifestyle was sustainable until I was doing it every day. I had a job I loved, I was my own boss and I was living in tropical paradise. On top of this, I finally had time to focus on my hobbies and interests. I am passionate about physical health and exercise and in Bali I had the opportunity to give fitness classes to my friends.


    One thing about me is that I'm very motivated to improve my skills, learn more and bettering myself. I am currently working as a freelance videographer - creating and editing videos for My Travel Tribe as well as for other companies. Currently I am learning about motion graphic animation and I plan to make my first animated video by the end of our retreat in Bali.


    • Graduated with an honours degree in International Commerce from Ireland's most prestigious business school.
    • Gained an Entrance Scholarship to University College Dublin for exceptional examination results
    • World traveller - lived in 6 different countries on 3 different continents, visited several more.
    • Fluent in 4 languages 
    • Certified in Cold Calling (BANT) and Data Mining with IDG Direct (2014)
    • Gold Medalist in All-Ireland Basketball and Football Championships
    • Qualified as an ESL teacher and taught in the public school system in Vietnam. 
    • Certified Ladies Football Coach and Referee
    • Passionate about Fitness & Physical Health
    • Recipient of the President's Award in Ireland for active participation in Volunteering Programmes (2010)
    Credentials: BComm International (German), UCD Entrance Scholar (2012), LGFA Football Coach Certificate (2011), TEFL Qualified, Recipient of the President's Award in Ireland - Gaisce (2010).
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    Personal development and work-life balance with my travel tribe

    Supporting Women

    We Give Back

    We're passionate about supporting women's rights, empowerment and education. We donate 10% of our profits to grassroots charities who share these values.


    Find your community with my travel tribe


    It's lonely without one!

    We know that being a digital nomad can be lonely. We aim to help women connect with other like-minded nomads to form meaningful and lasting relationships. We help you find your community so you're never alone on the road.

    Professional development and career progression with My Travel Tribe


    Professional development

    We're constantly upgrading our skills. We support you to do the same because we know how important it is to be on top of your game. You'll get the opportunity to share your skills with the group and learn something new too!

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