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5 Events You Should Attend If You Want to Be Successful

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Sometimes you need an intense month, week or even weekend of intense brainstorming, planning or doing to give you the final push to start working on your online career. These five events are exactly that; intense, short, highly productive and... if you can believe it... good fun. What you put into these courses is what you get out and they'll only work for you if you're willing to work hard, push yourself to the limit and commit fully. Here they are...

How could we not begin with Start Up Weekend? This is where My Travel Tribe was born. Start Up weekends happen all over the world and their purpose is to help people to come up with or share new business ideas that will hopefully turn into startups. We attended Start Up Weekend in Bali in June 2016. It is 54 hours of intense and productive fun. Attendees meet on the friday evening and anybody who wants to pitch an idea, can do so in front of everyone for one minute. A couple of ideas are chosen and teams are formed. Teams work on their business idea for 2 days and on the sunday evening they must present their business and a MVP (such as a product or a website) to a panel of judges. StartUp Weekend gives great validation for your business as the idea has been approved by other attendees, coaches and the panel of judges. There are also events throughout the weekend such as public speaking training, meditation, skills workshops and a member's dinner.

A start up weekend can help you to start your own online business

7in7 is a digital nomad conference that happens once a year, each time on a different continent. Hence the name. Meet fellow long-term nomads and enjoy meet ups based on mutual interests. You’ll learn from those who’ve been living the location independent life for two, five, or even more than ten years. Each and every attendee has knowledge to share. Listen to some inspirational speakers, attend some Q&A sessions, get involved in a workshop or two and do some business networking. The next conference is happening in Colombia in October 2018.

7in7 digital nomad conference can really kickstart your online business career

You have the choice between an intensive 10 day or 9 week course where you can become a web developer and learn Ruby, SQL, and the Rails application framework. Le Wagon gives you the chance to learn the basics in both back-end and front-end web development by learning advanced CSS patterns (flexbox, CSS grid) as well as going deeper into Javascript and ES6. Originally starting in France, Le Wagon now has camps in Asia, Europe and the Americas. The 10 day event also includes talks from guest speakers and skills workshops. Your go-to event if you want to become a coder!

Join over 200 remote workers, entrepreneurs and digital nomads and sail across the Atlantic on a 15-day cruise. Go unplugged and technology free for two weeks, meet lots of amazing likeminded people, do some networking and... have fun! Last year the cruise stopped at some tropical islands and beaches before finally arriving in Panama. During the 15 days there are lots of meet ups, mastermind sessions, collaborations and best of all.. yoga on the deck. The date and route for the next cruise in 2018 are still to be confirmed.

Nomad cruise - a great event to kickstart your location independent career

My Travel Tribe runs month long co-working retreats with a small group of likeminded women. You can now have your own community while working and travelling, while also gaining skills needed to advance in your online career. On the retreat you get your own private room in co-living accommodation and full access to a co-working space. During the month there are skills workshops and skill shares, mastermind sessions as well as private and group sessions from a life coach and a business coach. With different talks every week, activities such as Yoga, Meditation, Fitness classes, community dinners, cultural outings and water sports, you can rest assured knowing that not only will you have a highly productive month but also that you will enjoy yourself while you're at it. You can join the next retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand from January 13th to February 10th 2018. A must-do for anyone who wants to work online and travel the world!

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