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5 Reasons to Join a Co-working Space

Co-working spaces are becoming ever more popular. They are an alternative to traditional offices and offer a communal working space to freelancers, remote workers, online entrepreneurs and location independent workers. They are often equipped with everything needed to make it possible to work from anywhere. Plus they usually have some extra comforts to ensure your office is truly amazing. Think bean bags, hammocks, comfy couches and even swimming pools. I first joined a co-working space in Bali and since then I have never looked back. Thank you, Dojo.

Location independent workers at co-working space Dojo

1. Networking Opportunities

Co-working spaces are filled with people from various backgrounds, working in different industries. The competition which exists naturally in a traditional working environment is not as tangible in this new-age workspace. Networking opportunities are omni-present, both within your own industry and outside. Videographers and copywriters can connect. Marketing managers and web designers can collaborate on projects, where their interests are aligned. Need to talk to someone who knows something about Photoshop? Pick their brain for five minutes and offer them a coffee in return. Often people in co-working spaces are very willing to help each other out. After all, what goes around comes back around.

Female digital nomad working in a co-working space

2. Meet Ups and Events

Co-working spaces are extremely social places. There are often events that help you to learn new skills and move up in the freelance world. There really is something for everyone, from talks on how to improve your SEO skills to mastermind sessions on how to mine crypto-currency. In addition to these, there are also Meet-ups, BBQs, community dinners and evening drinks to make it easier to meet like-minded people and make friends for life.

BBQ events at co-working spaces make them very social places

3. Better Facilities

Cafés are an alternative to co-working spaces but they often come with more distractions. Although cafés may seem like a cheaper alternative, the cost of food and beverages add up. The Wifi often isn't as strong as in co-working spaces and the lack of power outlets is also an issue. Co-working spaces are often open 24/7, making it possible for location independents to work on any time zone. Private Skype booths ensure digital nomads can make conference calls or teach english online without feeling uncomfortable or disturbing other members. Meeting rooms make it possible for teamwork and collaborations as well as helping to create synergy.

Sign at Dojo Co-working Space saying how Digital Nomads are changing the world

4. Separation Between Work and Home

We all like to work in our pyjamas. This aside, co-working spaces offer a separation between work and home. Online entrepreneurs and freelancers often have a difficult time "switching off" from work, especially since the invention of smartphones. Emails and social media are accessible at all times. Having a designated work space outside the home offers digital nomads the chance to keep their personal and professional life somewhat more separate. Plus the energy in a co-working space and the presence of hard-working people, helps everyone to focus. No more Netflix in bed when you're meant to be working.

Community of location independent workers laughing while at a co-working space

5. Community Aspect

It is so important to have a community while travelling. Co-working spaces offer digital nomads the opportunity to meet like-minded people and help solo travellers to avoid nomad loneliness. Freelancers and entrepreneurs, although working for themselves, can be a part of something bigger. The co-working community is comforting. It's a place to share ideas and get feedback on projects. It's a place, which will always welcome returning members with open arms and which will make a country feel like home. 

Digital Nomad taking a break from work at co-working space, Hub Hoi An

If you would like to join a co-working space, you can download our list of co-working spaces all over the world for free here.

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