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5 Shocking Email Subject Lines That Are Better Than Yours

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So this week we discussed the importance of building an email list for your business. It may not be sexy, but email is extremely effective. If you want to read this week's blog all about how not to suck at email marketing, click here. After building your list, the next thing to do is to start writing weekly or monthly newsletters. But no matter how good your content is, if those emails don't get opened, there's not much point. So here are five different email subject lines that work, and help to increase the email open rate.

1. Laura, we're having a duvet day too.

Personalised email subject lines perform so much better because they grab the reader’s attention. They are also opened 20% more than their non-personalised counterparts.

So what can you personalise? The more information you have about the reader, the better. When you are collecting email addresses, it will very beneficial if you can find out their country, last name, age, gender, or even their hobbies or interests. Then you can segment them into different groups using a tool such as Convertkit. You can even create email subject lines around current world events such as politics and elections, weather, holidays etc...

If someone has just joined your email list, don't forget to send them a personalised welcome email. You can also send out personalised emails to readers, depending on where they came from. If they just joined your Facebook group, thank them for joining your online community.

Personalise your email subject lines to get a better open rate

2. How rude can you be?

A question will always get readers to stop and think about the answer. They will also want to open the email to find out the answer.

But this goes one step further. Having a startling or shocking question with little context means that a reader is intrigued as to what you are talking about and wants to learn more!

Of course the subject line must be relevant to what you are writing about. For example I have used "How rude can you be" when talking about having your own unique and quirky style of copywriting.

You could also use lines such as "I heard about what your recent trip to...", "I have a secret for you..." or "When were you going to tell me about..."

Use questions as email subject lines to get good open rates

3. Roz broke down crying at the Zoo today.

Say what? Random and shocking titles act as click-bait and encourage readers to open emails to find out more.

I usually use these subject lines when something random or funny has happened to me during the week and I am sharing this with my community. However every story you tell by email should have a point and must be connected to your business. The most important thing is to give value to your readers while keeping them engaged.

Never use a random title if it has nothing to do with the content of your email!

4. Happy Hallo-wine

I am very much a fan of a good pun, also known as a dad joke. My friends may hate when I go around constantly telling them bad jokes, but if they get people to open emails, then I’m happy.

If you have an online selling business, puns work really well for individual products. I follow Lidls' Facebook page for this exact reason. Don't worry about them being silly. You'll just put a smile on your readers' faces.

Puns work well for certain businesses in email subject lines

If you can make your puns current, even better. Also beware that puns don't work well in some more serious businesses. Keep your target audience in mind.

5. Is your day job slowly killing you?

Subject lines that stir emotions will get the most engagement.

It’s important to strike the balance between writing emotionally and being over the top. Powerful and emotional subject lines make your readers think deeply about their own situation.

Try to avoid too much negative emotion if possible.

emotional email subject lines get the most engagement

Mix it up and see which ones do best.

What's most important is to mix it up, using different types of email subject lines, and seeing which ones perform best with your audience. Make sure to have your customer avatar in mind when writing subject lines. If you are your ideal customer, would you open the email if you received it? People are busy and their inboxes are jam packed, so email subject lines need to be more captivating in order to get noticed.

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