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7 Hacks To Get the Best Priced Flights

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Don't let the high cost of flights stop you from travelling the world. Here are seven travel hacks to help you save money on flights.

My Travel Tribe gives travel hacks: How to save money on flights


If you are required to book a return flight out of a city for visa purposes, then FlyOnward is your new best friend. You don't need to book an expensive last minute flight. You can rent an airline ticket for $9.99 with FlyOnward which you then show to the airline. After 24 hours your ticket is cancelled, but hey you're already there. FlyOnward is great for indecisive last minute flyers, who haven't made up their mind about where they're going next.

Travel hacks with My Travel Tribe


If you travel with hand-luggage only you can book a flight with Skiplagged to a "hidden city", using your layover in a city, as your final destination. Airlines naturally don't approve of this, so keep it on the DL that you won't be getting on your connecting flight.

Error Fare Sites

Use sites that show very cheap flights. These are usually airlines that need to fill seats, flights that are cheaper because the price of fuel was excluded from the ticket price (fuel dumping) or error fares. You have to be quick though as these rock bottom prices don't last too long. Secret Flying, Airefarewatchdog and The Flight Deal are my favourite sites.

Error fare sites show the cheapest flights

Fuel Dumping

Find cheap flights yourself. Fuel dumping is intentionally pairing two separate flights in the hope that the fuel surcharge component of the main, more-expensive flight is either partially or fully eliminated. You book one long haul flight that you want to go on such as Dublin to Sydney, and then another that you don't need such as Sydney to Melbourne. It works best with multiple airlines and open-jaw flights. To understand more about fuel dumping click here and to use the fuel dumping tool click here.

Learn how to find fuel dumped flights to get cheaper prices

Flight Analytics

When booking long-haul flights, the best time to book is six weeks in advance. The best time to fly is usually on a Tuesday. If you use the Momondo comparison site, they give lots of insight about the best time to book and fly. Always search for and book flights while browsing privately. Airlines look at the amount of demand for a flight and raise prices accordingly, so if you keep going onto their website and checking the prices, prices will rise. This is very important for group bookings, where members are booking flights individually. All you need to do to browse privately is open a new incognito tab or window. Voilá!

Flight Analytics can help you get cheaper flights

Blind Booking

If you're not picky about where you would like to go, you should use Blind Booking. You get mystery flights at a fixed price. This service is run by Eurowings so it is currently only available to depart from cities in Germany and Austria. Choose a category such as Sun and Beach, Culture, Party, Gay Friendly etc.. and you will be assigned a destination at random. Most flights are only €33 one way. Check 'em out here.

Blind Booking site helps you to fly to mystery locations for very cheaply


Flystein is a company that guarantees you the cheapest price for your trip. You can get them to create your trip or you can get the experts to beat the price you already found. They only charge a fee if they beat your price. Have a look at their site here.

Flystein can help you to save money on flights

Happy flying!

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