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A Content Strategy That Will Work for Your Online Business

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What is content marketing?

Content is an umbrella term for the blog posts, videos, images, podcasts, recordings and anything else you put out there.

Buyer personas

If you haven’t already created detailed buyer personas, also known as customer avatars, that is a great place to start. You need to be really clear on the kind of content your ideal customer is going to read and in order to do that. You should focus on learning as much about them as possible. Try to picture every last detail about your customer avatar, including their likes and dislikes, personality traits, motivations, frustrations, education and work experience, background, skill set, influencers and their daily routine. There are lots of downloadable templates you can use. You can download the one that we use right here. I recommend that you really spend some time on this area and use as much detail as you can.

Once you’ve got all these details down. Think about the kind of content your ideal customer likes to consume. Also think about what you’re comfortable producing and how you can best communicate with your target audience. Are you a confident speaker and would be great at doing videos and podcasts? Do you have excellent writing skills?

Brainstorming different types of content

Blogs are a great way to start, and doing some keyword research beforehand can really contribute to your SEO efforts.You can use a tool such as Moz, if you're having difficulties coming up with keywords. Decide what works for you. Some people are more comfortable writing posts while others prefer to record quick videos or podcasts. Do a brainstorm of all the different content you could create. In your brainstorm include the types of content, topics, relevant keywords and freebies you can include. Once you have decided what kind of content you’re going to produce, then jot everything down into your calendar so you can be consistent. We’ll talk more about this next week, so not to worry!

Use a tool such as Moz to help you find keywords for your blog or online business

Quality over Quantity

Quality is king. It doesn’t matter how consistent you are if the content you are putting out there isn’t of good quality. Creating quality content takes time. If you’re stuck for time, you’re better off focusing on one or two pieces of quality content a week, rather than having lots of poor content. Use Google Analytics to see how well your content is being received. How long did people stay on your home page? What was the bounce rate? How much of your video did they watch? What was the engagement like on your Facebook ad? Did people read to the end of your blog? Did they follow your funnelling sequence all the way through to the end?

A/B testing

If you’re running ads or trying to determine what kind of content does better with your target market, a really good idea is to do some A/B testing. Run similar versions of the same content, such as two visual graphics with different copy, or two videos with a different thumbnail image. You can then use Google Analytics to see which one performed better. Use this as an indicator as to what type of content you should be showing your audience in future.

Repurpose old content

If you’ve been at this for a while. Consider how you can repurpose your old content. You could take some of your more popular blog posts and create video content based on them. You could create a new freebie to share based on older content. Or even update some old posts that are out of date. Here is a handy little infographic from Pinterest for ways you can combine content marketing with SEO and some creative ways to repurpose old content.

What to do if it’s not working out?

If you’ve been working really hard promoting your content and you’re not noticing the growth you’re looking for.. Go back to step 1. Revisit your customer avatar and re evaluate. Survey your existing list and see if there is a way you can add more value to them. If you notice certain posts are performing better than others, make a shift towards that direction. But be patient. Building an online following takes time.

So now you now what type of content to produce...

...but how do you go about doing it? Next week we will talk all about organising your content, creating a content calendar, scheduling content in advance, automation for weekly or monthly newsletters and welcome emails, as well as tips for remaining consistent with you content creation.

Having an organised content strategy with automation will help your online business
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