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Article Submission Guidelines

My Travel Tribe publishes stories written by women for women. Our goal is to empower and encourage women to live a life they're proud of.

Topics we cover include:

- Female entrepreneurs - lifestyle, sacrifices, rewards and challenges

- Remote work/digital nomad lifestyle

- Stories about women's empowerment and education

- Long term travel

- Wellness: meditation, yoga, plant based food

- Empowering women through business, women's education or social enterprise projects

- Opinion pieces related to your own experience freelancing, working online or trying to break free from a typical 9-5 lifestyle.

Who can write for us?

- Due to the nature of our site, we accept posts from female contributors only.

- Please note My Travel Tribe does not pay for submissions.

- We do not accept posts that endorse a product or service.

- For brand enquiries, please email: Submission Details

- Posts should be 500-2000 words.

- Please include 3-5 photos (make sure you have the right to use these photos).

- You should use short paragraphs, make relevant use of headings and punctuation.

- Include relevant links within your post, these are required for a successful submission.

- We only accept ORIGINAL posts. We do not publish duplicate content, submitting something you have already posted on your own site has the potential to damage our sites Google ranking and yours.

- We reserve the right to make any changes to your post for SEO purposes.

- Please check spelling and grammar before submitting.

- Please include a short bio (including social media links) and photo.

What happens next?


- Unfortunately we cannot publish every article we receive.

- We take 2-4 weeks to review articles.

- We reserve the right not to publish anything we feel does not fit these requirements or does not align with our values.

If you have any questions about the submission process please contact:

Should we interview you?

We are currently creating an interview series where we talk with female entrepreneurs, digital nomads, long term travellers or those on a journey to a location independent lifestyle. If you feel you have an interesting story to share, please send us a brief synopsis of your story, along with links to your social media channels.

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