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How to Get Your First Online Job When You Have No Experience

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So you have just found the perfect online job, but you don't feel qualified? I got my first online job with no experience and you can too. Here are seven soft skills which you (probably) already have and which will help you to bag your dream remote job.

Seven skills that will help you to get your dream remote job

Digital Communication Skills

Digital communication skills are essential for almost anybody who wants to work online. Show your potential employer that you are well able to use programmes such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. You probably use social media every day but don't realise that its a skill. It is. If you love sending emails (and it is your primary means of communication with your uncle) explain how you are a wiz at email writing. Your application itself is proof of how good your digital communication skills really are, so remember the three C's: be clear, concise and charismatic.

Digital communication skills can help to get a remote job

Time Management

Time Management Skills are especially important for remote positions. Prove your time management skills using examples of how you juggle different projects from a number of employers and still meet deadlines. Having no remote working experience doesn't have to stop you though. Show how you have worked in a remote position before, be it in a group project at university, when you worked from home back in 2011 due to a hurricane, or that summer when you lived abroad but helped your dad to do the online accounts.

Time Management is one of the skills essential for remote workers and freelancers

Team Player

Managing a remote team can be more difficult than managing a traditional "stay-put" team. All the more reason to show you're a team player. Synergy is a great thing and everybody wants to have it in their own company. When applying for a job, give examples of times when you had your colleague's back. Show how you teamed up with others to solve problems and create new innovative ideas. Did you ever stay an extra couple of hours on a project to make sure your team finished a project by it's deadline? Have you covered for someone when they were sick? You can even use examples from your personal life such as playing a team sport.

Being a team player can increase your chances of getting an online remote job

Self Motivation

One of the top skills that remote employers look for is self motivation. They need to know that your physical presence in the office will not be missed. You may not have to get up at 8am and come into work but that doesn't mean you can slack off. Your boss will still expect you to get your work done and meet your deadlines. Motivating yourself to work can be difficult when you have the beach in your backyard. But a track record of getting shit done will prove that you know how to balance work and play. Unwavering self motivation usually stems from passion for the job you are doing, so show that you have some on your CV when applying for jobs.

Remote employers look for online workers  who are passionate and motivated

Teaching/Leadership Skills

Remember that time you gave your little cousin private tutoring for his english finals? Yes, that is teaching. If you've had a part time job you've probably had the chance to show initiative and take charge. Use specific examples such as a time there was a problem with a delivery or when a customer was dissatisfied and how you handled it. If you've ever taken charge on a group project in school or university, explain how you managed the team with your amazing leadership skills. You can also use examples from your personal life such as babysitting or coaching sports.

Leadership skills help you to get a remote job and become location independent


Are you the kind of person who will look at a problem, see it as an opportunity and act on it to make something positive? An employer wants to hire someone who will have the initiative to work on their own, without having to ask a million questions every time something needs to be done. If you're in a remote role this is especially important because time difference means managers are not accessible 24/7. Show your proactiveness through your track record of good ideas. Prove also that you can act on your initiative and are able to work independently on projects.

Being proactive is one of the top skills to help you get a location independent job

Oral Communication Skills

Do you have the gift of the gab? Yay! Good communication skills are not only about talking though. The skill also includes listening, being friendly, being confident, having empathy and being open-minded. When applying to a new position explain about when you supported a colleague, how you listen to and respect your teammate's opinions and how you were confident and friendly to customers when you worked in sales (or any other part time job for that matter).

The top skills remote employers are looking for are communication skills

Mention these seven soft skills on your CV when applying for remote jobs. Its also important to read the candidate’s traits section on the job description and then change your CV accordingly. Read the section, interpret the keywords and include them on your resume. If you need help finding the perfect online job, you can download our free "3 step guide to location independence" which includes the best job boards and sites to find online jobs or check out our blog post "12 ways you can make money online right now".

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