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How to Make Social Media your Job

An Interview with Johanna Prorok

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Johanna is a travel blogger and influencer with a following of over 10k on Instagram. She studied science of media and communication at university but she learned to write copy independently and through an internship at a travel magazine. She is currently working remotely and travelling the world and has already visited 49 countries. She talks about the challenges and opportunities that come with a location independent lifestyle.

Why did you decide to become location independent?

One and a half years ago I decided to do what I have always wanted – travel. I wouldn’t have to deal with responsibilities back home. Nothing could tear me back. I would have no unnecessary extra costs. Due to certain circumstances I was lucky enough to leave everything behind, which may sound like a dream, but this isn’t always the easiest way of life.

Johanna Prorok tells My Travel Tribe about becoming location independent

How did you grow your social media following?

I started before “the evil” algorithm began and dragged everybody’s engagement down. I have never used any apps to grow my account, nor did I pay for any attention on social media. I was simply very active on Instagram, which helped me to be found by others. I submitted blog posts and connected with people, which also helped a lot.

What social media sites are you on?

I’m basically only on Instagram. I also do have a Facebook page for @snowypalmtrees but I am so sick of the whole “pay and you get seen” philosophy that I hardly invest any time there. I’d rather stick to Instagram where at least it used to be easier to get seen. But even there engagement has dropped drastically.

Did you set up your own website for your copywriting/blogging/social media services?

Yes, I do have my own website where I publish some blog posts and also offer collaboration with others but it is simply more like a reference website to show my clients what my work looks like. I don’t call myself a private blogger, as I don’t have enough time for my own website but I do blog for others on a daily basis as part of my work.

What's the best advice you have ever gotten?

I gave myself the advice. "You don’t have to follow the usual path, just because everybody else does it and just because the world says that that’s how it has to be done”.

How did you get started blogging and copywriting? Did you take a paid course or learn by doing?

I studied science of media and communication, which might sound like a useful background but university honestly didn’t help at all. Everything I know was either self-taught or picked up during an internship that I did at a travel magazine.

What's your favourite country in Asia?

Indonesia 100%.

Indonesia is a favourite for location independent entrepreneur Johanna Prorok

What are your biggest difficulties concerning having a remote working life?

I think we have to separate those expressions or open up the definitions a little more. A remote working life is something I will also have at home if I don’t want to be a traditional employee. A digital nomad life while travelling has some other difficulties and I think this lifestyle is not made for the future. At some point real life catches up with you. Either for positive reasons like having your own family or someone in your family needs you and forces you to go home. I am about to build up a hybrid lifestyle. The remote work will still be part of my life, but I will also have a wardrobe to put my clothes in. This way I will always have a home, but also the freedom to travel whenever I feel my passport needs to be stamped.

What advice would you give to people starting out as bloggers/copywriters?

Come up with a great portfolio, a good social media representation, a high quality website and go out and share it with the world. Never stop trying and don’t take negative comments too serious - hardest advice. I still work on that one.

How many countries in the world have you visited?

I have visited 49 countries already and I am so excited about what my number 50 will be. My favourite is definitely Indonesia, I loved Jordan but Egypt is amazing too. Iceland is unique. I fell for Italy and Austria is cooler than many people might think.

What's your favourite quote?

"The truth is that airports have seen more sincere kisses than the wedding halls, and the walls of hospitals have heard more prayers than the walls of a church."

Pinterest or Instagram?

Instagram for good reach. Pinterest for inspiration on any topic. I love them both

Where can we find you?

My Instagram is

My blogs can be found at

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