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Positivity and Mental Health while Travelling

An Interview with Greta Zapolskyté

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Greta is a blogger, who hails from Lithuania but started travelling the world 3 years ago. She now runs her travel and lifestyle blog, seashells and barefoot journey, from her flat in London. Not only is she health and eco-conscious, but her blog also focuses on mental health, meditation, mindfulness and managing to stay positive, both while on the road and generally in life.

Greta tells My Travel Tribe how she started out blogging

When did you start seashells and barefoot journeys?

My blog journey began quite recently, a couple of months ago actually. It was a slow process. I had the idea for a while, but it took some time to actually make it a reality. I believe this was mostly due to some inner doubts or I guess I was just not fully ready to start this journey.

Why is it important to be mindful?

Oh mindfulness. It’s a deep and rich topic. In short, I can not and don't want to imagine a life where there is no mindfulness. Everything must be done with a mindful heart and mind. It is the only true way to lead a beautiful and fulfilling life. For me being mindful means I am awake, I am not just letting the world pass me by, I am actually absorbing everything. Mindfulness allows be to become an equal part of everyone and everything.

Greta tells My Travel Tribe the importance of being mindful

What advice would you give to women who want to go travelling solo but are afraid to do so?

I would I advise women like this to just do it. If it is calling you, there must be a reason behind this. I have not done much solo traveling myself, I usually travel with my partner. However, there is something very freeing and beautiful about solo travel. I guess it is just another great way to dive deeper into the self. Spending time alone is very healing and so once you are alone in another country, culture and surroundings you have a great opportunity to experience things that are calling only you.

Greta tells My Travel Tribe why women should not be afraid to travel solo

Have you ever had any moments where you felt very down while abroad? How did you cope?

Oh yes. I had some of these. I remember when I was traveling for nine months, I had my first Christmas away from family. That got me all upset. Here I was in my beautiful Bali, having Christmas on the beach and yet at the same time I was quite sad because all my family were back home having Christmas Eve dinner without me. Looking back now it makes me smile. I guess being home sick sometimes just comes naturally and you can’t really cope with it, you can just let those feelings be, maybe even let a couple of tears out once you’re on the phone with your beloved ones and that’s all. It passes.

What is your favourite foreign food?

Difficult question. I love a lot of different cuisines. But if I have to choose just one it would probably be Indian food. I love their curries a lot. Different rich flavours, spices, Nan breads and many more. Following a plant based diet I feel like I can always rely on Indian food as well, as they have so many different types of vegetable and lentil dishes.

Greta, blogger, tells My Travel Tribe her story as a health, wellness and lifestlye blogger

Have you ever had a surreal travel moment?

I have had many of these. Different countries and places take my breath away in different ways. I remember whilst I was staying in Sydney for couple of months I used to run daily. These runs where something magical, starting from Bondi beach all the way to Coogee. The view of the ocean and overall surroundings on my run always used to put me in a place with very pure energy.

Another moment that I clearly remember is the time I was living in Bali. We rented a room in a beautiful space, where each night by the apartment gates a local lady used to put little offerings for the Gods. The smell of the incense used to greet us. These simple, but very blissful moments were the most surreal I guess.

What are your three best tips for staying positive?

Firstly, always connect and surround yourself with uplifting people. You do not want any bad energy in your life. So do yourself a favour and let those people go.

Secondly, start your meditation journey. Meditation is a beautiful tool which can help you to calm your mind and to see things in a lighter perspective. Start slow and let yourself to experience some magic.

Thirdly, be grateful. For all that you are for all that you have and for all that is. Being grateful helps you to be in a very light and beautiful space. You have to try to stay in this space as regularly as you can.

Greta tells My Travel Tribe how to stay positive when on the road

What are the biggest challenges for you in running your own business/blog?

I guess sometimes just understanding that everything takes time. We live in fast paced times, where we wish for quick changes and big things to appear. When starting your own business/blog you have to let things flow. You have to focus on producing beautiful things and not to overcomplicate anything. Great things take time.

What is the best advice you ever got?

To live in a moment.

Greta, blogger and female digital nomad, tells My Travel Tribe the best advice she ever got

What is your favourite quote?

"Realise deeply that the present moment is all you have." - Eckhart Tolle

How many countries have you been to and which is your favourite?

I have been to 20 countries. I would say probably Bali was my favourite place. I just connected with the surroundings very well. I experienced beautiful moments and felt a great sense of adventure. Indonesia in general left an imprint on my heart and I will definitely be coming back for more.

Greta tells My Travel Tribe how Bali is one of her favourite countries that she has visited as a solo female traveler

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