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The Five Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Thailand has no shortage of delicious food and Chiang Mai is no exception. From spicy papaya salads to sweet pad thais and more-ish mango sticky rice to greasy nutella and banana rotees, Chiang Mai is a street food heaven for all foodies; vegetarians and meat eaters alike, but sometimes you need to step away from the street food and enjoy a nice sit down meal in a vegetarian friendly restaurant, and that’s when this list of the best vegetarian food in Chiang Mai will come in handy.

The Burmese Restaurant

Not exclusively vegetarian, but this extremely reasonably priced restaurant does sport a lot of vegetarian choices from both Burma and Thailand. All dishes cost only 30 or 40 baht so you can eat as much as you like without breaking the bank. I would recommend going with a group of friends and sharing a bunch of dishes. My personal favourites are the shan style rice, the tea leaf salad, the pennyworth salad, a big bowl of radish soup (sometimes they only have the bean soup available) and the eggplant curry, divided up between two to three people, depending on how hungry you are. In fact, these choices are all vegan friendly too.

The best vegetarian restaurant in Chiang Mai: Burmese Restaurant

Reform Kafe (Green Tiger)

Reform Kafe is rated the number one vegan restaurant in Chiang Mai and for good reason. It has a mushroom burger so tasty that my meat-eating, vegetable-hating friend had to admit that it was indeed delicious. Maybe he will be converted to a vegetarian after all! Reform Kafe is also reasonably priced with an average meal working out at about 150 baht, and the portions are large enough to please even the hangriest of people. Located near to Tha Phae gate, the establishment previously known as Green Tiger is one of the most relaxing places in Chiang Mai to eat, work or unwind. The outside garden area is a people pleaser too.

The best vegetarian restaurant in Chiang Mai: Reform Kafe

Sangwiroon Vegetarian

Sangwiroon Vegetarian is a thai style vegan buffet with a large choice of curries and fake meats. Their fake sausages and burgers would fool even the strictest of carnivores. You can also order vegan alternatives to the famous thai dishes: Khao Saoi and Tom Yum. This basic establishment is only open until 3pm. The owners don’t like to have any leftover food so after about 2pm there is less choice available. Get there early to pile up your plate with a mountain of veggies, potatoes, spicy tofu and brown rice, all for 40 baht.

The best vegetarian restaurant in Chiang Mai: Sangwiroon Vegetarian

Hideout Cafe

Hideout cafe is neither vegetarian nor vegan, but has some excellent choices available for the herbivores. All of their ingredients are incredibly fresh and they pride themselves on their probiotic yogurts, breads and cheeses, which are all made in-house. The scrambled egg baguette with tomatoes, lettuce and avocado is extremely more-ish and is definitely not to be missed. The best sandwich in Chiang Mai in my opinion. This extremely popular cafe also does toasties, salads and soups, which are a hit among all the expats living near the old city in Chiang Mai. Expect to wait for 10 minutes to get a table at peak times.

The best vegetarian restaurant in Chiang Mai: Hideout cafe

Thai Vegan Food (Basement of Maya Mall)

I didn’t even know this restaurant had a name before I started writing this list. It’s similar to Sangwiroon Vegetarian in that it is a thai style vegan buffet with a plethora of options. Thai Vegan Food offers vegetarians a choice of curries, vegetable dishes and spicy minced-meat-lookalike dishes, which you can pair with a plate of brown or white rice. Their vegetable burger tastes arguably a little similar to a McChicken Sandwich.

The best vegetarian restaurant in Chiang Mai: Vegetarian in Maya Mall

*As a point of reference $1 equals roughly 40 Thai Baht.

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