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Why You Need to Embrace Solo Travel

[Video Interview with Sarah Button]

We sit down in one of our favourite cafés in Bali with the amazing Sarah Button - half Swedish, half South African, currently living in Bali - about her love of travel and why everyone should do at least one solo travel trip.

Where does a love for travel come from? Can moving around from a young age influence the way you think about travelling and experiencing new cultures? How much does travelling change our perspective on the world?

Sarah tells us of her first ever solo travel adventure to South Africa as a teenager and the effect it has had on her life. Struggling with feelings of self doubt and uncertainty, she set off on her own to not only explore a new place, but also to discover more about herself (even if she did not know it at the time!)

What initially started as a trip to find distance from parents and other pressures, turned out to be much more than that.. a journey of self discovery and self love.

Travelling solo gives you time alone to focus on yourself, uninterrupted by distractions from friends or family. You don’t have to make any compromises or sacrifices and for once can be as selfish as possible. You are your number one priority and you get to practice self love.

Sarah shares with us how the independence she has gained from travelling solo has been life changing.

So what are the benefits of solo travel?

It’s easier to meet people for two reasons. When you are alone, you are more likely to reach out to people in order to find companionship. You are also more approachable to others when you’re not with a large group of friends. You are more observant to the local culture and surroundings and more willing and open to make connections with others.

But… are you not afraid to travel solo as a woman?

The dangers that happen abroad can happen anywhere. Of course, it is sometimes scary living abroad by yourself but the benefits far outweigh the risks. Just like you would at home.. keep your wits about you, be safe, learn the customs of the culture, don’t wander around alone at night, don’t flaunt money on the streets, and always know the number for the emergency services or someone that can help you. But seriously…. the danger is so often exaggerated because we hear about the bad things and not the good, and then the fear takes over. Bad things can happen everywhere...that’s just life. But don’t let it stop you from living.

On a final note, Sarah asks all those who want to travel solo but are afraid… “What’s stopping you?” Figure out the source of what is stopping you from pushing yourself out of your comfort zone or travelling solo… because once you do, it’s oh so sweet.

What are you waiting for...

Watch it here.

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About the Interviewee:

Sarah is a recycle artist, who turns empty spray cans into masterpieces: colourful metal flower bouquets, lamp shades, paintings and tonnes of other artistic pieces. Nothing goes to waste under her creative hand. Check out her website and shop at or get inspired by her instagram: @lightsthatnevergoout

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