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You Know You're a Digital Nomad When...

20 telltale signs that you live location independently

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1. You wear whatever you want in public

Elephant pants. Tank tops. Tie dye leggings. Fluorescent tees with motivational slogans. Faux Fur. Nobody knows you here. Also nobody cares so you can wear what you want.

2. You spend a whole day hanging out with a group of people you just met

Travellers are so open-minded and eager to meet new people. A group of strangers meet one night and agree to go temple hopping together the next day.

Work and travel life: Hanging out with people you just met

3. You know how to say cheers, thank you and hello in a bunch of languages

For some reason these are the first three words you learn so by now you know how to say them in about 10 languages. You're also now an accomplished mime artist.

4. You've driven a motorbike without a driving license

You wouldn't dare doing this at home but when the consequence is a $10 fine instead of a prison sentence, it's a little more tempting.

Work and travel life: Driving a motorbike without a license

5. You have at least three different currencies in your wallet

Japanese Yen. Indonesian Rupiah. Thai Baht. Brazilian Real. Euros. Australian Dollars. Pounds. Currency conversion fees are a b**ch but at least your calculation skills are top.

6. You have about 5 sim cards in your purse

I mean you can't live in a country without internet and who knows when you'll be going back there. Better keep it in your purse just in case.

7. You don’t know where to call home anymore

The country of residence question on visa application forms confuse you.

8. You know the staff working in the coffee shops

You have a mutual understanding that you will annoy them by sitting there all day on your laptop but at least you will buy a lot of coffee.

9. You're not sure what day, week, month or year it is

A lack of routine and irregular working hours means you struggle to realise what day it is. Is it December already? Last time you checked it was June. Damn you've been travelling for two years already.

10. You can’t remember what winter is like in your home country

But is it really cold there? You don't know if you own a coat anymore.

11. You know people from every country in the world

You're going on holiday with your friends to Hungary. "Oh maybe we could stay with my friend who lives there!" You also have people to catch up with wherever you go.

12. You get annoyed with people who slow down the security queue at the airport

You know it shouldn't bother you, but it does. Seriously people, you need to take out your laptop, separate your liquids and take off your coat.

13. You find it baffling how people travel for two weeks with a large suitcase

You have been travelling for 15 months with a backpack. You know people going to France for 15 days who are bringing more stuff than you currently own.

14. You're a pro at crossing busy roads

It might have terrified you at the start but now you walk into busy streets filled with cars, motorbikes and tuk-tuks without batting an eyelid. Just remember walking into oncoming traffic is not normal at home.

15. You're not sure what “normal” coffee is

You honestly don't know why everyone doesn't drink strong coffee with condensed milk.

16. You've changed your perspective on what counts as rain

You used to think it rained a lot in Ireland until you got caught in the middle of a torrential rain storm during monsoon season.

17. You have an email inbox full of messages from travel companies

Your inbox is full of booking confirmations, reminders to leave reviews, flight tickets and promotions from various travel companies - in a mix of different languages.

18. You spend your time hanging out with people of all ages, nationalities and ethnicities

The best thing about work and travel is being friends with people you wouldn't meet if you were living in your home country.

19. You add a timezone to the end of all your time appointments

When someone asks to talk to you at 4pm, you have absolutely no idea what time this is. You're also used to getting a phonecall from your mum at 3 o'clock in the morning.

20. You eat out more than you eat at home

Food is so damn cheap and tasty. It's cheaper to eat out than at home (so that's your excuse).

Work and travel life: You eat out more than you eat at home
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